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Headcovers & Tools

Headcover values will vary depending on age and model. We know you are quite busy. We would like to also offer you the option of just sending us whatever headcovers you have and we will categorize and inventory them for you. We have not put values for used headcovers on our site but if you include those as well, we should be able to assign a value to at least a portion of them. Just select "miscellaneous" from the options and we will send the labels you need. We only accept NEW adjustment tools.

GMCS will generally only pay for head covers from approximately 2013 or newer. Significantly older headcovers have no value. 

If sending clubs as well, GMCS trade in values for clubs assume that they include a headcover if you have them. We generally will not pay additional values for headcovers if also buying clubs, especially if the clubs are new.